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Licuala cordata
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Floribunda Palms 30th Anniversary Specials

Floribunda Palms has reached a milestone of 30 years supplying rare palms to the palm world. Suchin and I appreciate all your loyal support over the years, and hope that it will continue.

Four Newly Added Slideshows of a Floribunda Expedition to Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak
Jeff Marcus next to Giant Joey palm Jeff Marcus next to Jurassic Johannesteijsmannia altifrons.

This series of slideshows highlights a recent expedition Jeff and Suchin Marcus took to the areas of Eastern Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak in pursuit of the exciting and exotic palms of this biologically rich and diversified part of the world. Take the time to watch them and you will learn and enjoy.

  • Floribunda Expedition to Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak (4 parts)
  • 2012 Floribunda Slideshow Tour, includes Dypsis genus of Madagascar and the exotic palms of New Caledonia (3 parts)
  • 2009 Floribunda Slideshow Tour (6 parts)
  • Floribunda Expedition to Madagascar (2 parts)

View all of Floribunda's slideshows, hosted by tropiscape.com.

Jeff and Suchin Marcus honored by the International Palm Society
Jeff Marcus next to Giant Joey palm Jeff and Suchin Marcus accept a plaque from the IPS for display at Floribunda Palms and Exotics. Left to right: Jeff Marcus, Suchin Marcus, Kim Cyr. Palm: Dypsis coursii. Photo: Bo­Goran Lundkvist.

At the 2013 International Palm Society (IPS) board meeting, a special award was made to Jeff and Suchin Marcus of Floribunda Palms and Exotics out of the general fund to properly document the extensive collection of palms and exotic plants at their nursery.

The plaque reads: "The International Palm Society recognizes Jeff and Suchin Marcus of Floribunda Palms for their passion and dedication to encourage the preservation, study, and culture of palms. Proudly funded October 12, 2013".

Read the full story in the International Palm Society March 2016 Newsletter.

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About Floribunda
Jeff Marcus next to Giant Joey palm Jeff and Suchin Marcus, owners of Floribunda Palms and Exotics, next to a specimen of the nearly extinct Licuala sallehana, in Peninsular Malaysia.

Floribunda Palms and Exotics grows and sells palms and exotic plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions from around the globe.

We grow over 300 of the rarest and most exciting species from seed. We also specialize in familiar and hardy landscaping varieties.

We maintain contacts in the world's botanical hotspots—like Madagascar, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. This ensures that we have new varieties as soon as they are discovered, often before they are named by science.

With its perfect climate, Hawaii is a botanical lifeboat for the world. Many of our plants are considered endangered, and we help preserve them through environmentally sound practices. We make every effort to ensure that the seeds and plants we purchase are collected using environmentally friendly techniques that do not damage wild populations. We help ensure the survival of endangered species by growing plants from seed and selling them to private collections and public gardens.

Since 1987 Floribunda Palms and Exotics has served as the pre-eminent source of palms, cycads and exotic plants. We ship agriculturally certified plants around the world. Read shipping policies.

Floribunda Palms and Exotics Featured in Hana Hou Magazine

Floribunda Palms and Exotics was featured in the December 2006/January 2007 issue of Hana Hou, the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.

Read the full article.