Floribunda Palms and Exotics

Licuala cordata
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New Ordering Information

Notice: Domestic Orders are now subject to a $100 minimum. Hawaii's high gas prices may result in adding a fuel surcharge to cover our increased shipping, packing and handling costs.

Fall-Winter 2018 Price List

The Fall-Winter 2018 Price List is now available for download.

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Fall-Winter 2018 Specials

The New Fall-Winter 2018 Specials are listed.

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Price List

All prices and products, along with an order form, are listed in the .PDF file which you can download from this page.

To view this file, you need to use software that can read PDF files, such as the free Adobe Reader.

Download Adobe ReaderDownload the free Adobe Reader from Adobe's web site.

Download Fall-Winter 2018 Price List and Order Form
(updated October 15, 2018)

To align with the seasonality of available plants, we now release a price list biannually instead of quarterly.

Problems Downloading the Price List?

First, please be patient! If you have an older system, a slower Internet connection, or have an older version than Adobe Reader 7.0, you may not be able to download and view the Price List. Please make sure that you have a recent version of Adobe Reader correctly installed on your computer.

You may have better results by downloading the Price List to your computer, then opening the downloaded file in Adobe Reader, instead of viewing the Price List in your web browser. To do so, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) on the Download Price List link above, then select the option to download the file in the pop-up menu.

Many companies and universities lock down computers, or use firewalls, preventing visitors from downloading any files to their desktop. Please contact your system administrator for further assistance.

If you are completely unable to download and view the Price List, please contact us and tell us to send you a Price List by US Mail. We'll be happy to send you one!